Well Drilling

Whether you are searching for a solution to provide your home and family with a water supply or are managing a large industrial project requiring test holes, the professionals at Brad Marquardt & Son Ltd. will help customize a solution best suited for your needs.

Having a well drilled by a licensed professional is one of the best investments you can make. There are a variety of other ways to obtain water for your home or cottage, but only by drilling can you tap into a supply of crisp, clean water that has been filtered by nature's own extensive filtration process.

The first step in the well drilling process is contacting Brad to arrange a site meeting at your property at no cost to you. During this visit, the aspects of drilling will be discussed to aid in determining the best location for your future well. Our goal of this meeting is to inform and educate you on the aspects of well drilling, enabling you to make a solid decision and get an idea of the costs involved. If you have any questions at this time, we would be happy to answer them for you.

We realize the uncertainty when having your well drilled. That is why, through our database of well records, we can research wells that we have installed in your geographic location and provide you with an accurate-as-possible estimated depth for your future well.

Using our rotary drilling machine, our technicians can have your domestic well completed for you in less than a day.

Upon the completion of your well, a water well record will be delivered to you. This record contains all the pertinent information about your well and is an important document to keep on file should you sell your home or have any future questions about your well.

Once your well is installed, we can arrange to have it hooked up to your home.

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