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Well Upgrades

If your well was drilled many years ago, chances are it was enclosed in a well pit with cement tiles (similar to the one in the picture to the left) or was buried underground and is now inaccessible.  Because the casing does not protrude out of the ground where it can be sealed with a vermin-proof well cap, ground water and vermin are able to enter the well, often resulting in poor quality water.  The best solution is to have the professionals at Wayne B. Marquardt & Son Ltd. complete a well upgrade on your well.

The process of upgrading a well involves removing the existing well tile, if present, or digging out around the buried well.  New casing is then welded on to the existing casing so that it extends above ground level by approximately 18 inches.  The space around the casing is grouted to ensure surface water does not enter into the ground surrounding the casing.  The pump can then be re-installed with the use of a pittless adapter, the hole back-filled and the casing sealed with a new, vermin-proof well cap.

Contact Wayne or Brad to find out how you can have a perfectly sealed, highly secure well the meets or exceeds the Ministry of the Environment's water well regulations (Reg. 903).