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Well Decommissioning

An abandoned well, not property decommissioned, poses a potential risk to our country's precious ground water resources.  It is estimated that approximately 30% of Canadians rely on ground water aquifers for domestic use.  As many landowners are unaware of such wells on their property, it is unknown how many abandoned wells are located in Ontario.  When these wells are not properly decommissioned, they can be a direct path for groundwater pollution and a safety hazard for humans and animals alike.

The Ministry of the Environment has set out a specific format to ensure proper decommissioning of abandoned wells.  Simply dumping sand or dirt down the well or covering it with a steel or cement cap will not ensure that contaminates will not leak into the ground water aquifers. 

At Wayne B. Marquardt & Son Ltd., our technicians have the tools and training to correctly decommission your abandoned well.  Contact Wayne or Brad to ensure your safety and the safety of our country's ground water resources.