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Flow Tests

If you are considering purchasing a home, it is important to know how much water the existing well can provide.  The original well record can be a good indicator, but in many cases records have been lost or destroyed.  In these instances, a flow test can help determine the exact yield of the well and assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Determining the yield of a well is an involved process.  Before the process begins, a technician measures the height of the water in the well using a water meter.  This is called the static level.  Water is then pumped continuously from the well for an extended period of time.  During the pumping period, measurements are made of the rate at which water is being pumped out of the well and the distance the water level is lowered in the well as a result of the pumping, known as the drawdown.  Adjustments are made to the pumping rate until a balance, or equilibrium is achieved.  These numbers assist the technician in determining the rate at which water is recharging the well from nearby sources, known at the well yield.

Upon the completion of a flow test, a report will be prepared and delivered to the customer outlining the results of the test.  Recommendations or additional information can be provided at this time regarding the specific well and individual requirements.

For questions regarding required flow rates per household, see our FAQ section.